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A Sad Teenage Boy And a Broken Disk

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It's late 2002. I wasn't very old, about 4 or 5 probably. I had really just got into Disney, and gaming, at the time. I would watch Disney every day, and when I wasn't, I was on my PS2. My family had a stable income then, my Mom was being paid surprisingly big cash for being a manager at Walgreens; Middle-Middle Income, maybe considered Upper-Middle. My parents pampered me - and still quite do - a lot. They would get me a cool new video game that would blow my little kid mind. One of them, though, holds a dear place in my heart. That game would be Kingdom Hearts 1.


My Dad played a bit of games. Baulder's Gate, mainly, but still got on the PS2 with me from time-to-time. He worked until about 6 PM doing advertising and design, and would come home and hang out with me. One day, after getting home from work, he took me to get a game he saw and thought I would like, Kingdom Hearts. We went to buy it, came back home, and popped it in the PS2 and played it. We played for awhile, and had so much fun doing so. The game was mad brilliance, infusing a fun game with Disney characters and art style was the most glorious thing my little kid brain could handle. It had that charm kids love. My Dad and I played through the whole game together. We took turns playing, and dominated the scene. Day after day, we played. We must've put about 100+ hours into the game over the next few months or so. But it we finally beat it and had nothing else to do, except wait for Kingdom Hearts 2. So we did.

In 2006, my Dad and I were at Gamestop at 11AM to get this game. Skipped school, I recall. We even decided to pick up a Prima Guide for it. We went home, did the same thing we did with Kingdom Hearts 1 and 100%ed it. We had a utter blast. But sadly, that was the last game my Dad has played with me so far. He doesn't play games very much anymore. He plays Marvel Heroes, and that's pretty much it right now.


Recently, I have yearned to go back and replay Kingdom Hearts 1. But, I'm not able to get the 1.5 ReMIX since my family is strapped on cash and I haven't been able to find my Kingdom Hearts 1 disk for years. Until today, that is. I find it in it's case at the very back corner of my room's closet, and my face lights up. I grab it, run downstairs, dust off my PS2 and plug it in, turn it on, put the game disk in, and close the tray. I just have to wait for a few seconds to go into the game. The memory card icon sits there on the screen, as do I on my couch. But I sit. For about a minute really. Then my heart drops. Only to see it can't recognize the disk.

I take the disc out frantically, and flip it over to the non-labeled side of the disc. The silver glistens in the sunlight, but reveals scratches all over the disc. Every scratch I saw felt like it was instantaneously etched into my heart. It literally pained me to see this. Then out of left field, nostalgic memories hit me, and it felt like my brain was trying to erase the earliest bonding moments I had with my father. A few tears flow down my face and dribbles onto the floor. My emotions, for whatever reason, just flooded my poor soul.


Luckily, my Dad isn't home right now, so I was able to put it back away before he sees it, because I know that's how he would feel too.

So, have you guys ever had a possession, or even a video game like me, that was special to you and gotten destroyed or lost? I'm sure I'm not the first for something like this to happen to someone, and certainly not the last. We all have something that represents something in our lives that are priceless. As humans, bonds are some of the most important things we can have, even to an inanimate object worth $5 on market.

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