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I Want You Guys to Choose What to Review…

Okay, I want you guys here at TAY to tell me what game in my Steam library to play through, and I will provide gameplay of my favorite 20-30 minutes of the game of choosing, and a review of the whole game. I don't really have anything to do during summer and waiting for school to start back up again, so I want to play video games and talk about them, and why not be productive while I'm at it.


Give me any game, really. Hell, I don't care if you give me the shortest and/or crappiest game on there. I'll still deliver. Don't know how long until delivery though, as it would be the first time I've done something like it, but I want the experience and the ability to say "Hey, look what I made over the summer!"

I'll even make sure you guys here at TAY will be able to see it one or two day(s) before I make it public on YouTube, just for you guys. That's how much I love you all. :D

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