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Last-Gen Heroes: YouTube

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Have you ever sit down at lunch, with your food and nice cup of soda, and just get your phone out and watch the new episodes of Game Grumps or Cr1tikal? I know for a fact I have, because I do it everyday.

It doesn't matter if it's Smosh Gaming, Tobuscus, PewDiePie, Game Grumps, Cr1tikal or some other gaming channel. They have sprung up a lot over this concluding generation. These channel will play new games, old games, any games, really. They're really easy to do and they can just get down-right make-you-cry-and-poop-a-little hilarious. All my nerdy friends, hell, even some of my not-so-nerdy friends, watch gaming channels on YouTube. It's odd at how many people you can strike up a conversation with about the new VVVVVV Game Grumps episode.


This popularity, though, helps gaming as a whole. It helps move sales majorly. People will see Tobuscus playing the latest game and people will go "Oh, that looks pretty neat. Might just get that video game." I've done it multiple times. Hell, when I finished watching all of Game Grumps' Goof Troop series, my first thought was "Hey there is that toy store that sells old SNES games, I'm just going to stop there next time I'm around and get Goof Troop."

So I here want to give a nod to the all-might YouTube, as it has brought me hundreds of hours of entertainment, and for improving gaming as a community and whole this past generation of consoles.


P.S. I know I'm a bit late to the Last-Gen Heroes/Zeroes, but I didn't see one of this yet, and decided to do it. #yolo

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