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The Video Game Movie That Didn't Suck

(Also, beforehand, I know this is a series but I consider it more of a movie since I first saw it on Netflix with the first season edited into a full-length movie. So whatevs.)

I'm sure you guys have heard of it by now. You, being a gamer and all. It's the best "video game movie" you can get, and you don't have to pay a cent for
it really. It's funny, quirky, and has a reference for any kind of gamer. But, it's not one of those "lolomg he said mare-e-oh" kind of video game references,
but more of a clever way. You'll see a bit of this game sprinkled here, and then some of this game sprinkled here. "Tell us what the hell you're talking about now,
you damned hippie!" Okay, okay, calm your nips random person. I'm talking about Freddie Wong's greatest success, Video Game High School.

I've played a buttload of games. Like, just on Steam I have 218 games I payed for, about 30 on Origin, and 2 on U-Play, and about twice that when you
count my physical games on consoles. I'm a junkie. Video games are drugs, and I'm Lindsay Lohan. My hobby in my spare time(That which is a lot since I'm still in
school), something I use to connect with some people. But when I see something that shits all over games, like a terrible movie based off a video game, I get in
that ticked off mode where you're just all like "Idon'tlikeyougetaway......... butthead.tehehehehe" Movies based off games always end up terrible. Tomb Raider,
Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat. You name it. They're all terrible(Except the Silent Hill one, it wasn't that terribly bad). What was the problem though? Why do
they always flunk? My opinion, it's because they're trying to be a game.

Trying to be a game is what kills the movies. They don't feel exactly like movies to me. But when they do feel like movies, they feel like a cheap
knockoff of another movie. That's how it's always worked with me and video game movies. But, Freddie Wong found out how how to fix this cursed problem. He decided
to let the movie be actually about video games, instead of the movies be based off one. This was a great idea.

The show is explained in the title pretty much. It's centered around a High School... for video games. The story follows a young boy, Brian D, who has a
dream to get into the place of his dreams, VGHS. Of course, Brian D gets into the school, moves into the dorms there, and such ensues. It's like the dreams you
had when you were younger and wanted to live inside a video game. But, it's still like High School. There are different groups, such as the FPS Team, Fighting Team,
Racing Team, Music Team, etc. So you have these different groups and everyone is placed in one. I don't want to ruin it, but Ill link all the episodes below.

Okay, the reason I'm posting this now is because I came home from school(I'm ironically in High School, harhar.) because I fractured my toe and had to have
it checked out, yadayadayada. So, when I get home, I check my phone, go on YouTube, and notice the last episode for Season 2 is up, so I watch it. it made me realize
how much I love this series. This was how a "Video Game Movie" should be done. It should be literally a movie centered around video games.

So, if you love video games, quirky humor, and Freddie Wong(Who doesn't?!), I would recommend checking it out out below.

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